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Posted by: MikeBishop - 1 hour ago - Forum: Classic Salmon Flies - Replies (1)

Shawn told me to join so I did, some talent here and truly gorgeous flies. Some may know me, from Australia and living in Canada but taking a year to travel the world. At a housesit in rural France for a month wishing I brought some thread and feathers or even a rod but realistically I should be practicing how not to embarrass myself here with my French. Don't have too many pics on my phone but will post a couple, merci beaucoup! 

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  Ecuador Fly step by step
Posted by: JKFlies - 09-20-2018, 02:36 PM - Forum: Tutorials - Replies (5)

This isn't so much a tutorial as it is just a picture by picture guide of how I got to the end fly.

*Some of the things I do are not traditional, I realize that.
**I'm not hiding anything I do and will answer any questions about steps I take to achieve the end result.

[Image: xXgURndl.png]
  • Ronn Lucas Sr - Powder Coated Hook
[Image: h3RDCLll.jpg]
  • JEC silk floss tag
  • Ron Alcott gold tinsel for the tip
[Image: ILpjSaPl.jpg]
  • The eye is made up of gold, blue, and red heavy wire I bought at Michael's Crafts and I twisted it using 2 pair of hemostats.
[Image: QCwm1T0l.jpg]

[Image: of1VLyTl.jpg]
  • I used 3 toppings to make this tail which is my usual lately.
  • Ostrich herl dyed by John McLain - as are all feathers in this fly.
[Image: GsP12R6l.jpg]

[Image: WCfYs6Dl.jpg]
  • I used a thinner variation of Uni Stretch to build my bodies and found a source on eBay for $5 US
  • As you can see, I build them up.
[Image: qP3bwaml.jpg]
  • This section is a combination of antique tinsel I got from Doug Millsap and blue metallic thread I got from Joann Fabric.
[Image: N4wcrRcl.jpg]
[Image: wZVqEuHl.jpg]
  • Another butt section of dyed Ostrich herl from John.
  • More JEC silk floss both yellow and red, as well as round red tinsel.
[Image: I2U1TfSl.jpg]

[Image: WAEwBp1l.jpg]
  • Underwing mounted; dyed GP tippet from John.  
  • I prefer to cut mine along the rachis and sometimes even less when needed.
[Image: iPjOiEcl.jpg]
  • I almost exclusively use schlappen for throats, I just like how thick and "webby" it is and the final look.
  • Tying it in this way is probably one reason I end up with pancake heads.
[Image: ZCi0bIXl.jpg]
  • Wing mounted - Dyed turkey tail again from John.
  • While I do not cut the ends of my wings, I do use tweezers to to clean up the ends prior to cutting them from the feather.
[Image: REd0KPql.jpg]
  • JC side tied in.
  • The pancake head is starting to take shape.
[Image: 3tTbh5vl.jpg]
  • Indian Crow sub from John added.
[Image: EarOMiql.jpg]
  • Kingfisher side added and 2 toppings.
  • Again, I rarely use just 1 topping and in most cases 2.
[Image: c2b03epl.jpg]
  • Dyed Kori Bustard added for horns.
[Image: qQDZphxl.jpg]
  • Head finished with blue UV nailpolish.
  • Voila!
[Image: hUKrek3l.jpg]

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  Ecuador Fly - 7/0
Posted by: JKFlies - 09-18-2018, 03:52 PM - Forum: Artistic and Creative Flies - Replies (11)

I recently met a gent who runs www.ecuadorflyfishingtours.com and tied a fly for him based on Ecuador's flag.

This is tied on a Ronn Lucas Sr hook (no longer available, don't ask  Wink ).

Thanks for looking.


[Image: hUKrek3l.jpg]

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  Fireback Shrimp
Posted by: 2ndmillion - 09-13-2018, 08:18 PM - Forum: Classic Salmon Flies - Replies (5)

JI tied this quickly just to show Jim the Siamese Fireback hackle that I mentioned in his post. The vermiculation on these feathers are nice. Obviously I did not take my time on this and will throw it at salmon this weekend.

Please delete this post if it inappropriate for this forum.




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  Did a bunch more
Posted by: Jim Montgomery - 09-13-2018, 10:26 AM - Forum: Classic Salmon Flies - Replies (8)

But my camera broke. At any rate here they are in one bunch

[img][Image: Gold%20Shrimp%20%232%20-%20Malone-M.jpg][/img]Gold Shrimp #2

[img][Image: Grey%20Thunder%20-%20Malone-M.jpg][/img]Grey Thunder

[img][Image: Silver%20Shrimp%20-%20Farlow-M.jpg][/img]Silver

[img][Image: Curry%27s%20Golden%20Shrimp-M.jpg][/img]Currys Golden

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  Nameless Shrimp
Posted by: Jim Montgomery - 09-13-2018, 10:16 AM - Forum: Classic Salmon Flies - Replies (10)

I just tie it ….. I have no idea where the name came from or why it would even be considered a "shrimp". I just do what I'm told...…

[Image: Nameless%20Shrimp-M.jpg]

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  Nelly Bly
Posted by: 2ndmillion - 09-12-2018, 07:20 PM - Forum: Classic Salmon Flies - Replies (8)

This pattern really kicked my behind. Kind of a practice exercise before I attempt it on a 7/0. This is on one of Ronn’s 5/0 irons. Last of the Traherne patterns for me for a while. Not very clean, topping a tad long and herl head still needs improvement. I cut out every third barb, for about 1/4”, in the macaw wings trying to get rid of the large hump at the front of the wing. Believe that I should have removed more.

Any suggestions on what/how to improve would be welcomed.




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Question Hmm...Just Wonderin' What You Think
Posted by: CSFT II - 09-12-2018, 04:28 PM - Forum: Classic Salmon Flies - Replies (8)

I have started a Dunkeld...Pryce-Tannatt recipe...and I know what I like to do. But...I was wondering what you all may think.

I like to taper the tail end of the body no matter what the pattern. I've been told traditionally that should only the case with a single colored body and if there are 2 or more segments each segment should be level. While I like and try to adhere to tradition with these classics for the most part, it is well documented my admiration for a personal touch no matter who the tyer may be.

Which leads to my question, and again this has to do with tradition. Tapered when a single colored floss is used is fine...but is that the case with a single colored body composed of tinsel? Trivial perhaps and the books aren't clear on  this point...but another opportunity for yours truly to learn and find out what my fellow tyers are thinking.


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  A new one
Posted by: Ronn Lucas Sr. - 09-10-2018, 07:48 AM - Forum: Artistic and Creative Flies - Replies (8)

A recent fly. One of my Wm Bartleet dark bronze hooks.

Attached Files Thumbnail(s)
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  we may be sitting on little goldmines... radencich
Posted by: mitch aka 2 fish - 09-09-2018, 07:21 PM - Forum: Coffee and Fritters - Replies (5)

has anyone seen the price of radencich's book 'classic salmon fly patterns'?

I'll admit I've lazily read through mine but I've never taken its dvd out of the packing...

I wonder if it will go the same as 'spey flies and how to tie them' by veverka?
up, up, up and then crashing down with another second publishing...


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