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To Sell Or Not To Sell? - CSFT II - 02-14-2020

Over the years I've certainly given away more of my flies than I've sold. I do NOT actively try to sell any of my flies since I tie for my own pleasure and satisfaction. That being said...a friend of mine who owns a fly shop asked me for a few flies to add to his web site and I agreed figuring this was a long shot at best. Yesterday I got a call from Bob asking me to pack and ship one of those flies...a Blue Jock Scott which he had sold.

Therefore I ask this question...Do any of you sell your flies? Do any of you actively market your flies for sale if you do sell? I don't really expect to go that route, but as long as Bob wants 3 or 4 flies on his site...I figure hey why not?

I am curious to hear what you have to say.

RE: To Sell Or Not To Sell? - Ronn Lucas Sr. - 02-14-2020

I don't sell my flies. Guess I could but I'm afraid that would change my reason for Wouldn't have a clue how to price my flies. If you don't mind, what did he sell the fly for?

RE: To Sell Or Not To Sell? - CSFT II - 02-14-2020

Of course I don't mind...$150.00. As I said earlier, Bob just wanted some additional flies for the "collectible flies" area on his web site and I figured what the hell I'll give it a go. I was actually quite surprised when he asked me to ship the fly that had sold...after all it had been on the site for 2 or 3 months. I have no intention of trying to market my flies, I was doing a friend a favor. I'm sure I'll just piss the money away on something I don't need  Tongue Tongue

RE: To Sell Or Not To Sell? - 2ndmillion - 02-14-2020

I was encouraged to put some in a craft shop, which I did for a year. I faired pretty well and was able to resupply some materials. Since the craft store was about an hours drive north of me it started to become a hassle. It is a lot more fun to tie just because, or for just fishing.



RE: To Sell Or Not To Sell? - CSFT II - 02-15-2020

Never thought of the craft shop idea to market/sell flies. There are several within perhaps 20 minutes from where I sit, but like you not sure if it is worth the hassle, not sure if I would get the money the flies are worth, not sure if they are interested and I know I'm not really looking to do that. Also...I prefer to tie at my usual casual pace, not under the gun!!