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Jock Scott - Sky-Pilot - 11-12-2020

A new one. Tied after a picture of an old one, well its not exactly as the one in the picture but close enough to say its a sort of Malloch JS. Hook is one of Ronns and as always tied in hand. Its fishable, gut handle 30 kilos.

RE: Jock Scott - Ronn Lucas Sr. - 11-12-2020

Excellent fly KO!!!

RE: Jock Scott - Honyuk96 - 11-12-2020

Sweetness KO !

RE: Jock Scott - CSFT II - 11-13-2020

Fine example of THE salmon fly !!!

RE: Jock Scott - dave gotzmer - 11-14-2020

I'm happy that you took liberty and pulled it off so very well. Bravo, ,my friend.


RE: Jock Scott - djs4263 - 11-15-2020

So many eye-catching layers to this fly, beautiful work!