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Spring Has Arrived
You were right Ronn...spring has arrived...finally!!  Not exactly warm yet, but getting better. We got buckets (!!!) of rain overnight along with thunder and lightening. It is still coming down probably no fishing for the next 4...maybe 5 days. That's least fishing season is finally here.

Good day to tie flies though  Smile
Petri Heil,
Glad things are a little warmer there. We got rain here too but spring growth is sprouting all around here. If you like green, you gotta get used to rain. We are.
Happy Trails!

Ronn Lucas, Sr.
No worries...the daffodils have already finished blooming, tulips are getting close and there are buds on our azaleas. Time to keep a lookout for trout lilies along the streams in the area too.
Petri Heil,

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