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during my hiatus from tying I did some other stuff...
Ok, now you're just showing off  Big Grin
Jon Kopczyk

Got to see this finished product first hand and it is rather amazing, the penchant for detail is off the dial, unique pieces and I am so glad I own one of Shawn's hand carved boxes, always gets a few comments when I bring it out. Beauty!
Good Morning Shawn,

First---My personal email is  That is usually the easiest way to go rather than back and forth through the FTW site...but that is up to you.

Second---Bob Selb's site is  That will give you the idea what kind of fly fishing equipment/stuff/gear he sells. I've known him well for years and he is as honest as they come and he has the clientele to have interest in that beautiful, stunning work you do.

Third---A quick Gary Siemer story. I was cruising through his site a few years back when I spotted a Bogdan reel for sale with my name engraved on the I'd sold off probably 20 years ago. I contacted him and needless to say the reel is now mine again along with a Leonard rod he had available as well. His loss was a sad day in the fly fishing community. My experience with working him was as good as it gets.

Finally---I live in SE Pennsylvania near Valley Forge National Park, and Bob's place is about 30 minutes from me depending on traffic. Should you decide to contact him...and I think he might be interested...tell him you are a buddy of mine George R. Kawchak, Jr. He can be a crusty old codger, but he will always give it to you straight. One final note...I know his fee on all consignment sales is 15%...which I believe is the best in the business.

Hope this helps and please keep me abreast of what happens.

Petri Heil,
The difference between genius and stupidity is genius has its limits - Albert Einstein

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