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Memorable Fish
Tidal's post "Stripes for George" got me to thinking about memorable fish from the past. My first fly caught pictures from 55 years ago, my first Atlantic Salmon...again no pictures from 43 years ago. There are many like that for all of us, but fortunately in a couple of instances I was able to get a picture of these 2 very special fly caught fish.

The first Striper I ever caught was a 10 pound fish taken on a fly!! It was taken on a Gurgle Bug in shallow water from a flats boat in the back bays of the Stone Harbor/Avalon, New Jersey area. My guide...Dan Schafer...has become a good buddy and I still fish with him every year.

The second fish has the #1 spot in my memory. I was on The Falls stretch of the Dartmouth River near Gaspe, Quebec in 2010. After 35 years chasing Atlantic Salmon I still had not done 2 things...taken a fish of at least 20 pounds nor on a dry fly. I accomplished both of those goals on the morning of July 3, 2010. The fish was just a shade over 22 pounds and was taken on a size 4 Green Bomber. At last!!!!!

I've attached a photo of each...enjoy...and thanks for looking. I hope others of you will share some photos of your special memorable fish.


You cannot step into the same river twice - Heraclitus
a real kispiox steelhead...


a kinda real tongariro steelhead


a north tasmanian steelhead


one of many stripers in california


and remember, folks... whatever you do...


everything in this world is, at its very least, slightly more important than tying feathers to a hook.

Nice one's two fish. Safety is my middle name pal. Cheers
Great stuff Shawn...never fished for nor have I taken a Steelhead. Probably should put it on the bucket list if for nothing else a comparison between them and Atlantic Salmon.

Sometimes a memorable fish isn't always one somebody catches themselves. This grilse was taken by my friend and salmon fishing partner Christine. It is her first Atlantic and the look on her face pretty much sums it up. The fish was taken on a Blue Bomber in a pool called The Tub on the Grande River not far from Gaspe, Quebec. I've also attached a photo of Christine with our guide for the day, the legendary Austin Clark. One of the finest gentleman I have had the pleasure of spending time with...all too little time.

It is my favorite river on the far. Small intimate water, unbelievably crystal clear water and a respectable run of fish from grilse to 30+ pound salmon. I could spend the rest of my days fishing no place else...truly a remarkable special river.


You cannot step into the same river twice - Heraclitus

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