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wtb aj no38 magenta silk, do not wtb $25-50 shipping
alec jackson 'fuchsia' no38 silk for my nelly bly...


so this stoopid dog ate my purple/pink silk box about two years ago.
I've since replaced the colours bar this bloody 'magenta' colour.

now I know there's very little difference between the jap 676 but I'm led to believe this is fuchsia... and my ocd refuses to believe that even though aj38 is advertised as fuchsia the colour is actually magenta.
and I'd like a spool, please.

pm if you can help and you're not afraid of actual postage rates and/or the postal office.

I have extra spools... a jap 557 (dk green, macaw) and an aj32 (orange) as an offer of a trade as well.
I also have other things to trade... 

principle will not allow me to pay that much shipping to line a shyster's pockets.

cheers very much and happy chrimbo,
the difference between art and a hobby is you can plagiarise for a hobby.

Unfortunately Alex Jackson's silk has been discontinued. I love especially that one. I tried a lot of dealers on line and every one came to the same conclusion, discontinued! There are a few other colours of it here and there. JEC is what I use mostly but also Pipers Silks and they have a colour, cyclamen that's very close to the fuchsia a little on the red side. That floss is a single small strand so for bodies, I double or triple it together. It's very good stuff if you can get around the small strands. It's not too expensive and one spool is 80M.
Happy Trails!

Ronn Lucas, Sr.

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