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I just finished this one up, 36"x48" acrylics on canvas. I started it May 1, 2018 and worked on it when I could around other stuff but over the Christmas vacation I gave it one last push. Here's the write up on it:

" So I fish this local river that has "put and take" Atlantic salmon stocked into it a few times a year. I wade though spent nipper bottles and used condoms, over lost toys and missing credit cards to get to the runs, urban fishing at its best. My favorite times to fish it are during snow storms or in the rain, alone, when there is something surreal about the juxtaposition of city sounds, train whistles and swinging a fly to a fish that roamed these waters freely a couple hundred years ago.

Fishing and catching these fish is both beautiful and ugly and inspired by this I wanted to create a piece that spoke to environmental issues, denial and our present state of "look at me". I intended to keep this one landscape format but that just didn't feel right and as this fish was kind of set up for failure from the beginning the notion of forced sacrifice and ugliness said just leave it be."

I like it Val but I confess...I'm not sure why! Maybe it's the Asian words.....I collected Japanese wood block prints and the way they tell a story with minimal effort...….maybe that's not the right word but less is more. I think this has that going too!
Happy Trails!

Ronn Lucas, Sr.
I am certainly not qualified to speak about or comment on art...but like Ronn there is something about the piece that works for me...and I thank you for sharing this with us. The makeup of the fly tying community never fails to amaze me...and this is a fine example of what I mean.
Petri Heil,
Petri Heil,
The difference between genius and stupidity is genius has its limits - Albert Einstein
I can see a pink floyd wall influence... and jolie laide is a clever way to describe beautiful and ugly.

so please feel free to le nick the phrase description just like I did.

le shawn
the difference between art and a hobby is you can plagiarise for a hobby.

Right on Val, nice mix of textures there. Super cool
Val: About a year ago. on the advice of friends, I binged watched the entire Breaking Bad series. Recently Sally and I did the same with the Handmaid's Tale. We found both to be
- beautifully delivered, directed and produced ( that's you my friend)
- shared a compelling story that really hits home in real time
- were both very disturbing

I don't think I can get into the meat of this without seeming political or controversial so I guess I'll just say thanks. This comes from a guy who also loves watching romantic comedies. ....dave

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