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Jay PT
What a wonderful fly you've produced here!!! As for pesky applications that can challenge our sanity, the only way to tame the beasts is to do more and more of them until that moment you say "aha" that's how it's done and it makes the hair on your neck stand up. I don't do enough herl heads and married wings to feel that demon fully defeated...……...but I keep chipping away at it. A little story...….in a galaxy far far away, I was trying to get the how of mounting Spey wings. I tried and tried until one day...….POW, the wing all but mounted it's self! What was different? Feather quality and fully matched pairs of bronze Mallard. It's the learning/problem solving that for all that the internet does for learning to tie all these flies, it spoon feeds technique and replaces the solving of sometimes microscopic problems with quick answers. It was and still is the "solving" that I like most about this craft.
Happy Trails!

Ronn Lucas, Sr.
Thanks Ronn! Fully understand what you’re saying. I’m thinking that one of these days just tie a bunch of heads with hackle collars or wet fly wings and practice herl heads until I can say AHA


Herl heads are a massive stress for me. I suppose it’s all about the thread base and the wing and before that the throat and before that the ........! You get the picture. Planning ahead I think is the real key here. But for novices like me I just get consumed with the actual element of the fly that I’m working on at the time, and forward planning goes out the window!!
One it!

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