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Good dog bad day
Unexpectedly lost this guy last week. I guess deep down inside I had watched him slow but the new found quiet around the house tells me I was happy to not care. He taught me the difference between a 1 chirp whistle, him - "yeah, I hear you, I'll get ready to go in" and 3 sharp - me, "get you ass over here, now". If you know you know, nothing smells as good as a rain soaked dog, or the smell of the outside they carry into the house on a cold day. Other stuff too... 

From this     

to this     part of the family.

Sir Bozeman McTraherne of Rivalon 
aka: Bowie

Sorry for your loss Val, it's a tough thing losing that unconditional love they offer. Nice looking family, sip poured.
R.I.P. Bowie. Sorry to hear this, Val.

Sorry for your loss Val. Your buddy is happy and chasing his tail in dog heaven.


no good, val.
best thing I did was get another.


lighter note: eldest looks nothing like you.
the difference between art and a hobby is you can plagiarise for a hobby.

Sorry to hear Val. It's just me and the dog now They are priceless with their unconditional love. Don't matter if your feet stink, breath smells or you fart.
Happy Trails!

Ronn Lucas, Sr.

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