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7/0 Quinchat
Another Traherne’s completed. Substituted Cotinga and IC. Wondering what the proper hook should be for this type of dressing. Can anyone enlighten me?



Great looking fly Marty!!! Hook choice? Anything you like the shape of. Straight shank, short, curved shank or long bend. Even finish, bronzed, blue, black (japanned) or other colours (paint although not the best option). Go with what you find pleasing.
Happy Trails!

Ronn Lucas, Sr.
Love looking at your work of late Marty. Superb............
Sure isn't anything wrong with that hook in your photo. Like Ronn said...whatever works for you. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
Petri Heil,
The difference between genius and stupidity is genius has its limits - Albert Einstein
Thanks Ronn and George. To me, the bend just doesn’t look right with this one


Absolute quality! I want to try a traherne pattern soon. They just look scary. Maybe we should have a group tie of a simple one like a Juno or a bluebell
One it!
madly in love with what you're doing lately, mate.
having not yet the chance to tie it I actually looked at this recipe for the first time today... it's quite tricky in its construction.
where would one find the cotinga for the hackles?
are we talking about splitting a wing feather as one would the good side of blue jay?

and as for the hook, looking at what's available, perhaps one of ronns jock scotts? not the stout of course.
ideally I'd like a gape to reflect the wing shape but realise through my own efforts this is not always possible.

and if we were going to do a group tie of a traherne we would have to choose a simpler version(?!) without too much fruit.
my vote would be the evening star over the (ha ha, 'fruitless') tippetiwitchet or jungle don... the latter being the two ugliest trahernes.

seriously. those two flies are upsetting to look at.
I have a hard time believing traherne actually tied them (we won't get into the wonder) but there's a few of the series that look terribly out of place. the juno and the pirate for example...

it's why I'm not in charge,

the difference between art and a hobby is you can plagiarise for a hobby.

Marty: Lovely color palette, expertly executed. I think many of Traherne's patterns are challenging hook/dressing marriages

Thanks gentlemen. I agree that a hook that has a quicker bend transition would have been more appropriate. As far as easier Traherne pattern, Juno is quite easy as well as inexpensive. I used king fisher as a sub for Cotinga in this one Mitch but feel the application would be the same.


Nice one Marty. If you ask me, the hook looks great, in fact, i really like it. Nicely done

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