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Silk & tinsel
Hey guys, There are some great Japanese silks and tinsels on Esty. I have not bought from this dealer but the stuff looks good for any of you more adventurist tyers. I'm drowning in silk and tinsels but some of these looking. These are some of the silks. They look like random length spools.....leftovers I'm thinking. The tinsels have some really good colours and all of it VERY cheap!

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Happy Trails!

Ronn Lucas, Sr.
Ronn...I've only dealt with them once and that was for some small pieces of drift wood needed for display purposes. I give them a thumbs up. While delivery was a wee bit slowish, the free shipping I got made the wait acceptable. The goods were perfect and I'd go to them for those unusual finds and interesting goodies again without hesitation.
Petri Heil,
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