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The Stevenson
Shawn, it's the biggest challenge of getting full feather wing flies balanced. In particular, tippet wings and turkey flats that always gave me  the most trouble. I have a habit of matching pairs of feathers and the hooks and keep them in Ziploc bags in a box on my bench so I can select the next bag for the next fly. Sometimes, and it happened yesterday. I opened the bag and pulled out the feathers and the hook was too small in gap and length! No problem I just got a bigger hook and all was well in tie town. I'll be finishing this fly later today and right after that, I'll go through the process again.

On to your fly, the wing has a touch too much height but this point could be debated. It's the tail and topping that are a bit long by having the two meet. I call it "empty space" and that has always put me off with tippet wings. Don't use turkey flats so it's the shape for comparison and I don't have to address that.  UNTIL a couple weeks ago when I tied this  fly which I call Paul DeLay after the singer. I think it looks balanced but of course, it is up to the viewer to make that judgment.

Finley, let me state that I am not making a judgement because you are a great Tyer and I never critique  an accomplished guy like you!!!

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Happy Trails!

Ronn Lucas, Sr.

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