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River Conway No. 5
    Tied up a pattern that I haven’tseen in the forums before. Thought that the WD underwing and GP veiling was interesting. 
It is supposed to have a silver tinsel body but it broke off during wrapping. I ended up using white floss instead of starting the body over. A lot of warts on this tie but enjoyed it anyways.

I wondered what this pattern was. I like the color combinations on this warts and all. Nicely done.
BTW Nicholson is coming along.
An eye catching twist on a classic, Marty. It comes across as a fly tied with plenty of skill despite the challenges you described. I have only a 'freshman's' knowledge of the classics so take my critique with a grain of salt. Hopefully a few gurus will chime in. A few observations...

- Your lengthy herl butt obscures too much of your tag. There's a few solutions for this
- There's no protection for your body hackle. Some ribbing?
- Your Jay throat deserves greater presence
- Subjectively, I might have lowered the tail and the horns
- the other warts you know about and mentioned

- Really nice roof
- Love the splayed tippet sides
- good job on the woodie underwing
- hackling/taper looks great
- very nice and eye appealing overall
- demonstrates expert skills

Can't really add anything to Dave's comments. You obviously know your way around the vise. As far as the ostrich herl is concerned, go to John McLain at FeathersMc and get some of his black mini-ostrich...great stuff!!
Petri Heil,
Thanks everyone for the constructive observations. I have to agree regarding the herl, tail and jay throat. The head is quite large as well. This was my first at using real jay feathers and should have selected a better feather. I would have preferred to use guinea. I followed the Francis Francis recipe thus the yellow silk rib. The tail and horns can easily be adjusted.


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