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First go around on the Infallible pattern. There are a few things I like and a few that I don’t. First time using Macaw in the wing as well. Seems a little harder to shape the wing with Macaw vs swan or turkey.



it's funny, I'm tying a js as per kelson with red macaw in the wing and I'm appreciative it's keeping the wispy turkey in its place.
I should've put some in the underwing (just this minute dissected it back to its black hackle...)

re: your fly

well as bad as you may think it is (I'm assuming you don't like its wing placement) it's caused me to rethink mine to the point of retying it... so it can't be as bad as all that, hey.
infallible... even the name is daunting.
and blue macaw always looks excellent in a wing. my red looks orange...

a slight request?
I'd like it if you fellas sized/named your hooks as well. my powers of deduction are not always the best. I look at that and think 5/0?

cheers mate,
the difference between art and a hobby is you can plagiarise for a hobby.

I don't see anything wrong with the fly Marty!!!
Happy Trails!

Ronn Lucas, Sr.
Very nice Marty...very nice indeed!!
Petri Heil,
The difference between genius and stupidity is genius has its limits - Albert Einstein
Man you've been choosing some great patterns to tie lately AND doing a terrific job of it. While your knowledge and skills are obvious, each successive dressing demonstrates an almost imperceptible movement in style. Exciting to watch, Marty

Thanks for the encouraging words gentlemen. I’m beginning to see some improvements but not being disciplined enough to go back and fix what I don’t like. Eventually I’ll get to where I want to be...but then again, this is a never ending process.

Shawn I understand your issue with hook sizing. This was tied on a 2/0 rework.



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