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the jock scott, alternative last step procedures
okay, let's say we're at the stage where the main wing has just been set.

I know there's mostly two recipes that are followed, and sometimes an amalgamation of each being kelson/p-t.

for ease we will refer to the grey mallard/woody&teal as 'shoulders'  

that leaves:

a. shoulders
b. sides (jc)
c. cheek (chatt)
d. peacock 
e. roof
f. topping
g. horn
h. head (herl as per kx)

side, shoulders, cheeks is a no-brainer as is topping, horn, head.
now let us say steps a, b, c and f, g, h are sorted.

when would you apply the peacock (assuming you've remembered)?

peacock and then roof? or the opposite?

the reason I ask for your preference is, though very attractive, I feel the initial application of peacock sword may upset the roof.
in fact, looking at the structure of sword it's very plausible it will.
alternatively, an application after the roof leaves these swords like tentacles... 

what say you? what is your procedure? 
where do you set your swords at the head as to not upset the horns?
and 2no swords each side or 4no?

cheers in advance,
the difference between art and a hobby is you can plagiarise for a hobby.

Last time i did it, i put the swords ( 4 total ) under the roof. I was told this is the proper way to mount them. The roof acted nicely in aiding the damn things staying put. Tough proposition, those sword feathers, any which way you choose to tie them in.
Last couple JS's I tied I put them on the outside following the top line of the roof. I find they're like Velcro and will pretty much stick where you put'em. Be sure to use left and right feathers like every other component.
Petri Heil,
The difference between genius and stupidity is genius has its limits - Albert Einstein
Of the few that I’ve tied the swords have been under the roof. I can’t say they were perfect. I’d rather use them in a wet fly myself.



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