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Special Gift From A Friend
I went to my favorite local fly shop yesterday to join the Thursday regulars for tall tale telling and lunch. Well due to the nasty weather over the last week it was just me and my friend and owner of The Classic Fly Fisherman, Bob Selb. As usual the conversation when one on one with somebody tends to be a little different than when the usual 4, 5 or 6 guys are there. We talked about a mutual old friend who died some 19 months ago. That friend (Leon) cultivated my love of fine fly fishing gear of all kinds. When Bob and I began discussing that aspect of the sport the focus was modern/current builders of good quality bamboo rods...which we both still love to fish.

Bob then asked me if I had ever seen this particular piece by one of the best...Marc Aroner. Please take the photo tour in order from the tube to the finished product.

Enjoy folks....


I will add the "rod tube" is 7 5/16" long !!!
Petri Heil,
Ha Ha Ha That gave me a good laugh.........almost out loud but close! {8^)
Happy Trails!

Ronn Lucas, Sr.
Something I failed to point out in my original post...with the exception of the tube and needle Mr. Aroner made everything you see from scratch. The brass end caps for the tube (which match what he makes for his rods), the nickel silver hardware for the butt cap and sliding reel seat ring, the seat's walnut insert. planed the bamboo, turned the cork grip, and varnished the finished product the same way he does his superb rods. He made these bodkins as a way to test himself and I suspect just for the fun.
Petri Heil,
That bodkin is awesome a true craftsman!!

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