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The Little Fighter
Hello. I havent been around for a while. As i said in my last post my sisters grandson got canser. Its been a horrible time for all of my family. Little Haakon been incredible brave and strong. Yesterday we got some really really great news. All the tumors gone. He have his third round of medication and still have one or two left, but now we know medication works on him. Here is a fly i tied yesterday of pure hapiness. Head needs more coat. My black varnish was so thick. I must get a new bottle. Lucas hook and as allways without using the vise.

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Great...great...great news on your sister's grandson. It is always most difficult when the little ones are ill.

The fly shows your happiness at the good news too. Lots of bright colors, super selection of materials and of course your fine work as a fly tyer.

You made my day with this post...Thank You !!!!!!

Petri Heil,
The difference between genius and stupidity is genius has its limits - Albert Einstein
Excellent news and excellent dressing. Hoping to hear and see more excellent news and flys.


That's great news KO ! Dig your fly tie as always. Good stuff, man.
Glad you got some good news re the cancer KO!!!! As always, your signature fly is awesome too!!! Interesting body. What is it?
Happy Trails!

Ronn Lucas, Sr.
Thanks chaps. Ronn. Tag is pretty fine gold tinsel with some modern flash over. Rearbody is violet silk with som modern flash on and gold oval. Front section is green silk with some modern flash on but lesser flash on this section and gold oval. I use this modern flash on tube flies for fishing and i found out i should try it on body segments for this freestyle fly.
Terrific blend of the old and the new, K-O. Happy that good news inspired you dress this awesome fly


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