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Peg Leg Sam
Here's one I finished this evening. I call it Peg Leg Sam. The wing is Cinnamon X Splash Golden 2nd Gen. It has crow & penguin sides. Didn't notice the JC was off center until when I looked at the photo. It's really centered but I must have bumped it when I took it's picture. A side note. I set the JC & the four tippets all at the same time....six feathers. Really! I really need to be relaxed and have all six of the feathers shafts lined up for setting. It does take a little effort to get the feathers right.

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Happy Trails!

Ronn Lucas, Sr.
Another fine effort from the Master!! Love the name as well...great stuff. I'll bet that JC is back in place by now.
Petri Heil,
Beautiful Ronn! Can I assume that a large amount of caffeine was used to set all the feathers at the same time?


No Marty, just the opposite, I have to be really calm and "in the moment". Give it a try sometime. Maybe not all six, just the JC and biggest tippets.
Happy Trails!

Ronn Lucas, Sr.
That is a sure is a special set of feathers. They look like sunset landscape painting. As usual epic "body by Lucas".
Ronn...another beauty in your distinctive style. After years of viewing your excellence, the shift of the JC means nothing to me. Things that stuck out for me on this dressing are
- the tufts of green off your tip and tail veiling
- how the different flosses exemplify your ability to use colors
- the provocative ribbing angles
- your uncanny knack of dressing full tippet wings without disrupting flow

Then of course, are the usual trademark touches we expect to see in your work. Glad to see you're still tying

Love the tippets and the sweet crow cheeks!!!


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