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How many flies are keepers for you guys?
Hello. Today i looked over my keeper flies. Its surprisingly not so many. I start on the classics in 2006 i belive. In 2007 i started with tying in hand and after this i havent tied a classic or freestyle in the vise. I tied extremly much in the beginning, not so much  last years. Its many resons my tying have slow down. Inspiration, finance and life i guess. I never have facebook account and i dont want it so i guess when so many from the old forum leaved it also became a sort of turn off for my tying. I lost contact with many great tyers and friends. I really missing looking at all those beautiful flies so gave me so much inspiration from all those good tyers who was on the other forum when it worked, now it seems dead. I dont know what happend but i understand that something must have happend. I have so many to thanks for help and guidance. Back to my question. How many flies have you keep from the start of your tying and can you post it for giving me and others inspiration? At least post those you like best. I probably tied at least 1000-1500 classic and freestyles. Here is all who survived. A few i gave away and trade for materials back in the old days, but most of them i stripped down and reused materials and hooks. I have hundreds so i use for fishing but those i dont include in this. Here is mine, many different styles. Take care.

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WOW! What a great looking group of flies KO!!!

I've kept almost all of my flies, from the beginning to now. I've sold only one and that was a very early fly. The ugly and tried and missed I toss in a box which I look at now and then to keep me humble. I rarely strip a fly to reuse the hook or other materials. The last five or so years, I've been tying a fly every day and a half so they are really piling up. I've been asked if I'd sell any but I don't. Why? I just think it would change my motivation for tying my flies. Of all the flies I've tied, very few I consider favorite/good and the list changes.
Happy Trails!

Ronn Lucas, Sr.
You must have a lot of flies Ronn. I follow you on the selling part. One day you must take a picture of them all.
I went through a period when I would razor a fly if I wasn't happy with it, but now I save them all. Only sold a few, and that was by request. If someone wants one of my flies, I prefer to give them away nowadays. I was never a prolific tyer...and that is still true. A fly every couple of weeks if I'm really at it, but usually fewer than that most of the time.

Despite being relatively housebound at the moment due to a back problem, I haven't had the nothing going on in the vise.

Love your collection K-O...beautiful flies.
Petri Heil,
The difference between genius and stupidity is genius has its limits - Albert Einstein
We have similar histories my friend.  I also started tying classics in 2006, but never attempted in hand tying.  I have only sold one fly and I am not part of the social media group.  Heck, my wife and I don't own a cell phone.  Like you, I miss many of those who went to different facebook venues/forums to express their interest and share their fly tying experiences.  I hope some can find the time and desire to participate here.  This photo was taken about 3 1/2 years ago.  About half have been given away to fishermen or used by myself.  There's a few that are near and dear to me ( maybe 5).  These I plan to frame and give to my family.  The rest will be eventually scraped and the hooks will go to deserving tiers.

That's an exceptional bunch of flies, KO !!!


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Holy wowsers you guys !!
Here is a old shot of recent flies which is where I put the newest flies and the earliest to the left and older to the right.     After I tire of looking them, they go into these chests of drawers.               
Happy Trails!

Ronn Lucas, Sr.
Jaw dropping collections. Thanks for sharing!
Yeah we have same story DG. Beautiful collection you have there. I remember some of them. Its something special with a bunch of flies together. Holy cow Ronn. Thats its lots of flies. If i get rich sometime i came on a visit just too look hehe. Awesome.
Excellent group flies gentlemen! I save the majority of mine. I use some, frame some and have sold just a few. Eventually I will take some and put the razor to them and reuse materials and hooks.

Wonderful cabinets Ronn! I just picked up a 7 drawer Trubyte cabinet that I’m trying to strip and restore. Should turn out pretty good.



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