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Hex fly
A polar bear winged Hex emerger i tossed couple nights ago. The smallies approved.

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That's scary good. Should be illegal, Matt. Got me thinking that my favorite Hex emerger would be better still with PB wings instead of the squirrel tail I use. Lots of talent, thought, and experience behind this one !

Thanks Dave. This is something i've been playing around w for a few years now. I struggled on this particular system during the Hex hatch, when i fist started fishing it. Splashy rise forms were what led to the creation of this pattern. It's strange that the fish here won't touch a high floating dun and when the spinners fall, it's game over. The river goes absolutely dead. It's the strangest thing i've ever seen fishing Hex. Perhaps it has more to do w the fish themselves. I'm usually a trout weenie.
  The body is ostrich herl and the herl is counter wound w a fairly heavy wire, making the ass end ride low. I decided to leave the front fibers of PB in after tying the wing in. This pb post, if you will, is hackled front and behind. The rubber legs i suspect maybe give it just that added bit of struggle. No need for floatant here, no need for drag free drifts. It actually wakes a bit in the water because of the fashion it's tied. Get it out there and let it go, the fish gobble it up aggressively for the 40 minute window the bugs are emerging. Cheers

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Happy Trails!

Ronn Lucas, Sr.
Looks like a killer.
Tough hatch to match...and that bad boy should sure do it Matt.
Petri Heil,
The difference between genius and stupidity is genius has its limits - Albert Einstein
Looks killer Matt! Unfortunately the only dries that I’ve ever fished is an Adams and skating Mice. Everything else has been sub surface. Planning on getting into dries more in the future.



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