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Beauty and the Beast
Both of these were designed to catch fish and so they find themselves in the fishing forum.  I can imagine casting either to the same fish on the same day.  I gave both to a good friend on the condition he throw them in the water.  The last time I checked ( 2 weeks ago) he said he didn't have heart to do so.

The first is slender and elegant despite a good tuft of Mr. Bailey's orange pig wool.  I casted it a few times and found the paddles actually lifted and separated them from the hook.  Must be flotation.  I had no problems with fouling but I certainly wouldn't false cast it too much.  Tying them in at the front of the rear thread butt is a good option.  Although it looks sparse and fragile, she's sinewy and tough.

The second has a heavily reinforced construction.  The blue tinsel tag is glazed with adhesive.  The alligator tinsel ( brittle and old) needs every wrap of the black wire.  The red plum thread butts are 3/0 kevlar,  lacquered and burnished.  There's short slices of hen pheasant tail to top off the wing.  It may look oafish or clumsy to some but I'm happy how the hook to dressing marriage worked out.

Any thoughts? .....dave

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Both flies show as a true Gotz design, elegance and artistic. I can envision the first in the water with the paddles dancing in the current. Both are a piece of art but I’d fish the first and put the second on the wall.


Lovely duo Dave!!!
Happy Trails!

Ronn Lucas, Sr.
Gotta love'em Dave. The first one with those "paddles" brings to mind that as they wave in the current they attract like the "bait" of the Angler Fish that lures its pray in to become dinner.

The second fly is pure DG...fine blend of colors and style that will bring the fish to the net.
Petri Heil,
The difference between genius and stupidity is genius has its limits - Albert Einstein
Really cool flies. I've seen many tied w the paddle type dealios. I kind of assumed it was a Eurpoean type thing. Not sure. Both pretty and i'm sure would be munched up.
Stunning. Both looks fishy. The first i can imagine fish well in low water. Maybe looks a little fragile but hey, i am happy as long a fly catch at least one fish.The second would work well in my local river late in the seson i think. Silverish flies works best for me early in the seson, goldish best late in the seson. Not sience, but just my experience. Send a couple of em to me and i promise i will fish it hehe.
Thanks gents ! My brain steers to getting ready for fall fishing. Seems like it's always been that way even though I don't get out, or tie like I used to


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