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Favorite fish catching materials
I've given this some thought and have narrowed it down to few materials that show up time and again in my fishing flies.  Snowshoe rabbits feet (small drys), rabbit fur strips (for anything), natural peacock herl (anytime,anywhere), and Jungle cock nails.  I didn't mention quality hackle or hooks as foregone conclusions.  How about you ?  Please post a fly or two to show your winners.

Gary Scott salmon fly. Absolutely deadly. Polar bear, peacock herl and jc. What's not to like ?

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I cant live without mallard on small killerflies.
Hungarian Partridge for small soft hackles...absolutely the buggiest material going for small trout flies.
Fun subject Dave. I dug out a couple of fly boxes and three pattern that have worked well for me for many years.

Whenever I demo tie at my tying club I always emphasize simplicity...and these flies follow that idea.

#1 has 4 materials - orange thread, gold tinsel, hare's ear/mask and brown partridge. I tie it with a full collar unweighted in sizes 12 to 18 and lightly weighted with a beard in the same size range.

#2 has 3 materials - claret thread mole fur and jackdaw for tail and collar

#3 has 5 materials - primrose thread, muskrat fur, wood duck tail, Pearsalls primrose thread rib, and pale blue dun hen collar.

These patterns work for me all season long!!!

Petri Heil,
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