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Indian Crow sub - small, minimal cost
These come from something I'm sure many of us have bought, and probably thrown away.  I have found them on a full golden pheasant head (crests and tippets with beak), and on just tippets, curled under the where the skin is split.  The basic sub is the side and under neck feathers between the base of the beak and the red feathers of the neck and breast.  The feather fiber tips are already slightly darker than the rest of the fiber.

The first photo has the feathers, just as taken off the patch (on the right), with the sub on the left.  The second photo contains the sub with an actual, small IC feather.

The dyeing process could be relatively simple: hit the fibers with an orange Pantone marker, then use a red one on the tips, and a black one on the bases.  Or, you could dye process the whole feathers to make them more reddish-orange, then dip dye the tips and feather butts (or use the markers for touch ups).  I spent five minutes with the Pantones using the first method.  I'm going to play with a set of them from another neck with the second method.

Either way, these are a quick, no/low cost sub for IC that can be used for tail and body veilings on smaller flies, and they'd eliminate the hunt for red-bishop, which often has a white-base, or dyed ringneck, which is sometimes too webby.

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