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Cornell / Macaulay Library pictures, audio and video
Mike R. posted a similar thread in 2010 in another forum, but it was never moved to the materials list threads and pinned, so it has been somewhat forgotten.

The Cornell Lab of Ornithology / Macaulay Library post images, audio and video of the birds of the world.  Of interest to us are those species from which we obtain our fly-tying feathers.  Below are a few links to the pages for each species (or set of species, or hybrid).  Some pretty pictures to enjoy!

The main link

Golden Pheasant Ostrich Turkey Bustard Peacock Wood Duck (Carolina Duck, Summer Duck) Northern Pintail Green-winged Teal Gadwall Jungle Cock Guineafowl (sp.) Scarlet Ibis Toucan Indian Crow Kingfisher Blue Chatterer
There are many more to view and to which to listen.  The search feature works with both regular and scientific names.

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