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Managing Time and Tying
As I have said on more than one occasion I am a "mood tyer" in when the urge moves me I get over the vise and will perhaps tie steadily for a ????? number of days, then not bother for any given length of time. I look at the regular posts of many of the folks here and I am always impressed at the steady flow of flies, the quality of the work and the dedication to tie on an apparently very regular basis. I'm a little envious too...after all I'm retired and have plenty of time...or I spend at the tying desk...yet I don't.

So...I am going to make the effort to put in a regular tying session each and every day when possible. After all that can vary with personal schedules of course...but that is the plan. It could be a 30 minute session or an hour...maybe more.

My question to those of you who have read this far is simple...How do all or many of you consciously manage and plan your tying time? How many of you just take advantage of any free time that crops up? Or is your tying time a combination of the two?

I will be interested to see what your approach to this wonderful hobby may be.
Petri Heil,
The difference between genius and stupidity is genius has its limits - Albert Einstein
A few years ago I went through a dry spell that lasted about one and a half years w/o tying anything. for about the last four or so years I tie non stop on and off every day. So every day I tie, watch tv and work on hooks. During the spring, summer and fall add working on the yard weather permitting. That is my job now that I don't work a regular job. These      flies are the most recent flies on the left and on the right earlier flies. After there are some I'm tired of looking at or just too many, I retire them into these chests      of drawers. These are the recent and in the other room there are about the same number of chests that have the oldest flies. Works for me.
Happy Trails!

Ronn Lucas, Sr.
I am also retired which allows me to tie when I feel like it. I don’t crank out flies like a lot of you. I can go at it for a few hours or all day. No pressure and no set schedule. But tying is also trying to source, dying, sorting and organizing materials.


WOW...most impressive Ronn!! Your abilities as a tyer are well documented and the proof of that is quite obvious in those 2 photos Exclamation

Interesting thoughts Marty. When I think about it, all the other aspects of this apply as "tying time". In my case that does not include dying of materials...those days are long behind me at this point. I leave that up to McLain Tongue  I've always enjoyed my time sorting, sourcing, organizing and just plain handling the materials. I just completed a bit of a reorganization of my stuff to...hopefully...make for easier access and finding just the right thing when I need it. Loved every minute too Smile

Thanks for your look into your approach to this. Except for the amount of time spent...not all that much different than me I guess Cool
Petri Heil,
The difference between genius and stupidity is genius has its limits - Albert Einstein
I am a mood tier myself nowadays. Long periods i dont tie anything, but when i have my tying periods i often produce 5-10 flies in short time.

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