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Teaching and Tying
This past weekend I started a couple of friends from my regular fly tying club on their journey into the world of Classic Atlantic Salmon flies. Eunan and I tried to start a serious club focused on this in early 2019, but out of the dozen or so showing some interest at the beginning, just these 2 guys...Ed & Ed...were the only ones who responded with real desire and enthusiasm of the kind I feel is needed to stick with this and enjoy the process. I warned them this is a marathon not a sprint, and they are all in.

They are both accomplished tyers, so that part makes getting a few basics down easy. We started with putting the gut eye on, then onto the tip/tag. tail, veil and herl butt. Next of course was the underbody and burnishing to be certain there are no obvious flaws to mar the finished product. At this point the tying session eased down a bit and the usual BS session most fishermen enjoy began.

We've decided to take a few moments and go over these parts again next time and then move quickly onto a pattern yet to be determined. Nothing too complex, but by request 2 parts to the body and a married wing if for no other reason than to learn proper marrying techniques. I'll do some research and come up with a fly to tie with the idea being not to overwhelm these guys but test them nevertheless. Suggestions??

This started out as a fun idea for me, but it quickly became a great experience and one of the more pleasant moments in my fly tying over the last 50+ years. We may take some time off over the summer...but I know these guys will continue on.

Any of the rest of you on the site ever been involved in this sort of thing? Is so...I am interested in what you did and how you did it? Any and all thoughts and suggestions are more than welcome of course.

Thanks in advance for your input and insight.......
Petri Heil,
The difference between genius and stupidity is genius has its limits - Albert Einstein
Red Rover. That was my first. Good luck, have fun ! Cheers

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