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A little intro and a little peek of the sanctuary . Come talk!
    Good morning! 
Thank you for the add, So a little intro I suppose.
My name is Garrison and I live in Longmont, Co. Transplanted here some years ago from iowa ( qc area). I fly fish.. I work as well, but pretty much just to pay the bills so I can escape into the rockies and cast my fly into some unknown rift.. Or so i like to tell myself . When I cant do that, I tie. I love everything about it , I'm hopelessly hooked.. ( see what I did there). Since moving ive met few people , even less with the same passions .. So I'm hoping to find.. I dont know some friends I guess. Which isnt as easy as it sounds when your 40 and spend all your time with just the family or on some creek crouched with fly line on hand trying to coax out a trout or two. Anyways enough for now , hope to find some like minded  

Individuals to chat with, Trade ideas, stories etc. I respect so many of the artist in here .so much talent. Have a great morning
Garrison Gardner 

Welcome aboard Garrison. You will love this group...but stay away from Ronn’s fritters! Looking forward to seeing some of your work.


Thank you Marty!
I am enjoying it already, so many sources of information to peruse through. Im like a kid in a salmon fly tying factory.
Unfortunately.. I love fritters. I am not to be trusted around them. I'll try my best
Thank you ,
Garrison G.
Great tying setup Garrison. Has that man cave look and sense of comfort about it...sweet!!

You'll have to get in line for those fritters Tongue
Petri Heil,
The difference between genius and stupidity is genius has its limits - Albert Einstein
Welcome to the forum Garrison. Looks like you already pulled up a chair so pour yourself a cup of coffee. You'll see me circling the fritters so don't get between me and one fritter!!!!!
Happy Trails!

Ronn Lucas, Sr.
Thank you gentlemen

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