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Hook hook up
Excited to have some Lars hooks headed my way soon. Well worth it I'm sure.
What is everyones go to hook?
Has everyone except me mastered making thier own, do you have a go to store bought or online bpught hook you prefer?
Just interested in what everyone ties on sizes etc.
Happy tying!
Garrison G.
Interesting thought Garrison.

I've been a Ronn Lucas, Sr. hook user almost exclusively since my first purchase of a few to check them out in 2014. I do have some hooks from other makers including Lars and Gordeaux...along with some mass produced Gaelic Supreme and Partridge. Add a few Fabinni to the mix...which are obviously made by Gaelic Supreme. A few unknown old hooks in there as well. I'd like to get a few from Bjerke as a matter of my curiosity about salmon hooks and today's makers. I find good handmade custom hooks are worth the money and add to the overall quality and appearance of the finished fly.

All that being said...ti comes down to personal preference and what one's budget allows.

I do most if not all of my tying on 3/0 and 4/0 hooks. there is the occasional foray to something smaller and on VERY RARE occasions something larger.
Petri Heil,
The difference between genius and stupidity is genius has its limits - Albert Einstein
Excellent thank you for the insight !
Garrison G

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