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When we started this site it was done as an alternative to social media and the site that got many of us started,

The fear was that CFT would one day break for good and information would be lost; and it appears that day has come; keep in mind it was never meant to be a competition.

With that said, you can still access the old site through a nifty tool called the Wayback Machine.  It is an organization that takes snapshots of every website for historical purposes.

Below is a link to the old site and the last good "save" file they made.

Here is a link to the Wayback Machine if you have other sites you'd like to look at:

Take care,

Hey Jon,
Link didn't work...not for me anyway.
Petri Heil,
The difference between genius and stupidity is genius has its limits - Albert Einstein
Interesting George, It's not working for me right now and I wonder if they website is having some issues.

I'll look into more.



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