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Hello everyone,

After watching what happened to the the CFTF (Classic Fly Tying Forum), I'm even more determined than ever to make sure this site succeeds.

We made this site knowing the previous one wasn't being updated and maintained and I won't let that happen here.

With that said, my time this past year is very limited due to work and while I still personally review each person who joins so we don't get spammers again, however sometimes I don't get to them for a day or two.

If there are any members of this community that have knowledge of MyBB, WordPress, and maintaining sites, I would like to chat with you about helping me run the site.

This not a profit generating site and is paid for the John and Ronn, so the only benefit I can provide is knowing you are helping building the best fly tying forum online.

Please contact me if you have interested in helping me.  I want to be clear that I'm not handing the keys over and moving on, I'm looking for someone to help me maintain the site.

Thank you,


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