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Dusty Miller
Hi All:

I am considering taking a razor to this one. Tried a shorter wing profile, and I am not sure I like it. Also, just found a plate on line from Francis Francis that appears to show flat silver tinsel over the orange floss only? (Although it's a little hard to tell for sure that's what it looks like to me) Any thoughts?

Dave G. once told me he never razors a fly...there is always something to learn from our personal tying history. That being said I still do it when I am REALLY unhappy with a fly.

Now to this fly...I tend to agree with you on the wing length. That was the first thing I picked up on. Not a bad thing, just somehow looks out of proportion. However the fly as a whole is well done, that's for sure. Regarding the tinsel, I believe the oval rib as you've done it is correct...but as we all know so many of these patterns have minor variations that have come along over the years.

Keep up the fine work Dave..
Petri Heil,
The difference between genius and stupidity is genius has its limits - Albert Einstein
I agree Dave, there are a few sections that seem awkward or inconsistent from what I've seen from you. Since you asked, here's some specific stuff that stand out for me.......

- the flosswork on the tag is not up to your standard
- the herl butt is too far off horizontal
- the jungle cock cheek has an off side sweep
- the wing topping looks like it has a series of small bends
- the tips of the under wing and main wing have different angles and seem disconnected

I look forward to seeing your work, Dave, it's one of the highlights of this forum

So easy to get picky. I agree w what the others have said and in saying that i still think it’s a pretty darn nice effort. Biggest things for me are the herl butt. It seems everything could have started further up the shank, or a longer tag. The other thing is the underwing may be a tad short in comparison to the main wing which gives the overall wing a bit of an awkward look. Personally, i’d tie that sucker on and fish it !
Thanks guys, I'll revisit this one eventually. I like the pattern, and can do a better job of it.
Brad Kern

Instagram: @justwondering.brad
We all pick apart our work but feel that is because we are constantly trying to improving and noticing subtle flaws. I do have to agree with everyone’s comments but have to say that your tinsel work looks great.


I agree with the other comments but think razoring it would be terrible!!! I try to have the tail com straight off the top of the bend so it looks like a continuation of the body/hook shank.
Happy Trails!

Ronn Lucas, Sr.

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