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A fly
A new today. Just something i tied just to get started again, been busy and havent tied for a while. No plan at all. All body is just ordinary black tyingthread, not any silk. Hook is a PJ size 5/0 from Ronn.

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As the saying goes, "less is more". The black thread becomes a minor player letting the joints and hackles shine. I was looking at your flies I got years ago, just yesterday. Fun stuff.
Happy Trails!

Ronn Lucas, Sr.
Ok, yeah you have a few of mine. I have two of yours, two from Bud, one is actually a classic Baron, not often seeing a classic tied salmonfly from The big Cajun, 4 from Aussie Bob and a few from a chap in US, but sadly i dont remember his name. He tied in hand, beautiful flies. Its the only flies i have from todays tiers. But i have a few antiques. Sometimes when i looking at my old flies i find a fly i really like but mostly not. What about you Ronn? How do you feel about flies you tied years ago.
The further I get away from my first flies, the less I like them. I think that would be the same for most of us tying the fancy flies. Still, there are a few of my old flies I still really like because they are mostly "benchmark" flies. I keep some of my early flies hanging on my walls to remind myself where I started. There are a few (very few) flies that are my favorites and that again, changes over time. The same thing happens with my hooks. I think this all happens with "hand made" things. If I could, I'd recall the early hooks and replace them with my hooks from today and I think that is what handmade things "special". Again, I think is a human thing. One last thing, I don't "razor" my really "dud (bad)" flies and put them in a box and I also look at them from time to time.
Happy Trails!

Ronn Lucas, Sr.
My kind of fly,KO. Wonderful proportions ( esp the hook/dressing marriage ), it's economy and simplicity, and your exceptional tying talent

Simplicity often equals elegance, and this case that is true. Very nice KO.
Tight Lines,
The difference between genius and stupidity is genius has its limits - Albert Einstein
As above, well done!

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