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A couple of new ones
Horrible weather outside so no excuse for not tying. A big one, kind of a Thistle on a 5/0 from Ronn and a small Roganish on a old untapered double hook size 6. The small one was hellish to tie. Its 3 hackels on it and with those double hooks one always making trouble for me. Its difficult to find a grip. Was in need to chop a old fly for reusing the indian crow.

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Beautiful triptych!!! There are each fly have charming character !!!
Soft fire makes sweet malt
All three are beautiful flies!!! Too bad you "chopped" the one but it went to a good cause.
Happy Trails!

Ronn Lucas, Sr.
Dig that Thistle KO ! Did you run the crow over and under the tail ? The other one w all that crow and quetzal is something special ! Wanna trade ? Cheers, lovely tying
Thanks. Yes its one ic above and one under the tail. Sorry but the one with ic and qbird is the one i got the crow from. It dont excist anymore. Most of my wallhangers ends up like this because i reuse feather materials and hooks.

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